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PowerShell V4 New Features

This course provides an overview of new features in PowerShell 4.0. It is aimed at IT Pros already using PowerShell 3.0 who …

Internet Information Services: What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2

With the release of the new version of Windows Server 2012 R2 comes a new version of IIS, IIS 8.5.
IIS continues to grow as a key investment area for web hosting, with new and exciting improvements in scalability and more. This session includes demos of how these new features can be key parts of your real-life web deployment.

PowerShell ways to install IIS7.x

We’re talking here about PowerShell and IIS; maybe the first thing to do should have been to install IIS (7.x) with PowerShell… …


Question: What’s the best way to have standardized websites accross server(s)?
Answer: Using a script to create them! Thus, all websites will meet the same standards

In this example, the only mandatory parameter is the website display name. All others have default values, but the script will list them and ask confirmation before creating the website.
Furthermore, a selection of the IP address to use is required (yes, a webserver can have multiple IP address configured, I hope so by the way, at least two -one for the admin network-).


Installs a .pfx file Function Add-SSLCertificate{ param([string]$pfxPath,[string]$pfxPassword,[string]$HostHeader,[string]$Website) Import-Module “WebAdministration” -ErrorAction Stop $certMgr = New-Object -ComObject IIS.CertObj -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $certMgr.ImportToCertStore($PfxPath,$PfxPassword,$true,$true) New-WebBinding -Name $Website …

Enable trace for ASP.NET application

Pretty simple operation: just add this line in the hive of the web.config file for the application to trace <trace enabled=”true” mostRecent=”true” …


Import mimeTypes $MimeList = Import-Csv .\mimetypes.txt ForEach ($Mime in $MimeList) { add-webconfigurationproperty //staticContent -name collection -value @{fileExtension=’$Mime.extension’;mimeType=’$Mime.mimeType’} } [/sourcecode] mimetypes.txt example [sourcecode …


Determine if Central W3C logging is ‘per site’ or ‘per server’ Import-Module WebAdministration $LogConfig = Get-WebConfigurationProperty “</code>system.applicationHost/log<code>” -name </code><code>centralLogFileMode if ($LogConfig -eq …

Generate CSR

Automation of CSR generation, uses certreq.exe $Date = (Get-Date).ToString(‘ddMMyyyy’) $WebsiteName = “ToBeDefined” $HostHeader = “ToBeDefined” $ReqFile = “Cert_Req-$WebsiteName-” + “$Date” + “.req” …

IIS 7.5 Architecture and components

IIS 7.x has a modular architecture. Modules, also called extensions, can be added or removed individually so that only modules required for …

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