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Enhanced profile – Display my custom functions

Somehow, I can be compared to a goldfish : my memory is really, really poor… And I do eat fish! But no, I can’t help…
Sometimes I wrote a usefull function that I embed in my profile and some weeks after (ok, even the very next day) I forget about it… So, here’s my solution: list these functions in a MOTD way. Each time I open a PowerShell console, the list is displayed and my memory gets refreshed.


Here’s a very simple but usefull function to have a view on which Virtual Machine is currently running (or not, there a State column!) on which node of a MSCS failover cluster.


Here’s the first of two (planned but maybe more, we’ll see!) scripts around MD5 hash and strings using the function Check-MD5 and …

Take a screenshot with PowerShell

Thanks to Jeremy on StackOverflow (, .NET allows us to take a screenshot programatically:

Download file with progress

Thanks to Jason Niver on MSDN Blogs (Downloading files from the internet in PowerShell (with progress)), yep, we can download a file …

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