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Test an RPC connection against one or more computer(s)

HTTP Status Codes

Here’s a list of HTTP status codes 1xx Informational 2xx Success 3xx Redirection 4xx Client error 5xx Server error 1xx Informational 100 …


Use Outlook to send a message from your mailbox in your name and updates the Outlook security settings if needed To be …


Find IIS logfiles location (WMI request on IISWebServerSetting class) and clean them: delete files older than x days and compress (without any …


Monitors a NIC (DevideID 1 in this example) events (network cable unplugged, NIC disabled, etc.)


Monitors a website availability, integrity and response times by looking for a specific string on a page


I’ve found this great function written by Thomas Maurer on his blog. It’s really usefull to automate MySQL queries.

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