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Here’s a simple function to get a “readable” value of the uptime for the local computer (by default, but there’s a ‘Server’ parameter), and the last boot date/time.

Get-UptimeDays | Get-Uptime


A promise is a promise, here’s my second (planned) application around MD5 hash: a function to copy files and check that the MD5 hash of the copied file is equal to the MD5 hash of the source file.

SafeCopy | Check-MD5 | BruteForceMD5


Here’s the first of two (planned but maybe more, we’ll see!) scripts around MD5 hash and strings using the function Check-MD5 and …


Here’s a great function to generate the MD5 hash of a specified string.

Let’s have a break

Have a break… No, no panda bears here! Sometimes, we want the user to aknowledge an information before the script continues. We …

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