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PowerShell.exe arguments

You can use PowerShell.exe to start a Windows PowerShell session from the command line of another tool, such as Cmd.exe, or use …

PowerShell CheatSheet – CMD > PS

Here’s some common and usefull CMD to PS equivalents MS-DOS command PowerShell Equivalent Explanation xxx /? Get-Help xxx –full Displays the help …

Single or Multi Thread Apartment?

The COM threading model is called an “apartment” model, where the execution context of initialized COM objects is associated with either a …


Unzip compressed files (without any external tool)


This one is really usefull. Open a ssh session and run commands from PowerShell with PLink… Love it!

Online machineKey generator

This tool allows you to generate random keys for validation and encryption/decryption of the view state (and other purposes). It builds a …

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