ISESteroids – ISE editor add-on

I am happy to announce that finally, ISESteroids™ has been released.

ISESteroids™ is a commercial addon for the ISE editor. It supercharges the ISE editor with things like a variable monitor, navigational tools, decompile functionality and scriptcop like real-time checks (like additional green and blue squiggles).

My goal was to preserve the beautiful lightweight and unobtrusive ISE UI yet add all the stuff that professional PS scripters ask for, and to finally take advantage of the wonderful AST design Jeffrey and his team introduced to us more than three years ago.

If you’d like, you can download it at my site

It is a simple module, and once you unblocked, unpacked and copied it to your modules folder, simply enter “start-steroids” to start the fun… 😉

I just added the web pages, there are no screen shots or bells and whistles on the web page yet.
Documentation will follow over the course of the next weeks.
Feedback, as always, greatly appreciated.Dr. Tobias Weltner

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