Create a self signed SSL certificate

Create and install a self signed SSL certificate (with the SelfSSL7 utility)

    SelfSSL - Create and install a self signed SSL certificate.
    File Name  : SelfSSL.ps1
    Author     : Fabrice ZERROUKI -
    PS D:\>SelfSSL.ps1
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="You must provide a website name.")]

$IPAddress = Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | Where { $_.DefaultIPGateway -ne $null } -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$IP = $IPAddress | % {$_.IPAddress}
if(!(Test-Path $TempFolder)) {New-Item -Path $TempFolder -Type directory}

Function Unzip($ZipFile, $UnzipPath) {
    $ShellApplication = New-Object -com Shell.Application
    $ZipPackage = $ShellApplication.NameSpace($ZipFile)
    $DestFolder = $ShellApplication.NameSpace($UnzipPath)

if (!(Test-Path ($SelfSSL7))) {
    # Download the SelfSSL7 utility
    Write-Host "Downloading selfssl7 utility..." -ForegroundColor DarkGreen;
    $src = ""
    $wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
    # Uncomment the next 2 lines if you have to use the IE configured proxy
    #$wc.UseDefaultCredentials = $true
    #$wc.Proxy.Credentials = $wc.Credentials
    $wc.DownloadFile($src, $dest)
    # Unzip the downloaded file
    Write-Host "Extracting selfssl7 utility..." -ForegroundColor DarkGreen;
    UnZip $dest $TempFolder

$args = " /N cn=$env:COMPUTERNAME /K 2048 /V 365 /I /S $Website /P443 /A $IP /T"
Start-Process -FilePath $SelfSSL7 -ArgumentList $args -Wait

Write-Host "`nSelf Signed SSL certificate for website $Website successfully created and installed!" -ForegroundColor DarkGreen;
Remove-Item $TempFolder -recurse

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