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ISESteroids – ISE editor add-on

ISESteroids™ is a truly revolutionary new add-on for the Windows PowerShell ISE editor.

You love the PowerShell ISE editor because it is lightweight and fast? But you are missing a lot of professional features? Then ISESteroids is perfect for you!

No need to install additional software. No Administrator privileges needed. Simply load ISESteroids™, and your ISE editor is supercharged.

Royal TS

Royal TS

As a sysadmin, I learned that I need good tools to be efficient; that’s why I love PowerShell!
Royal TS is offering a unique, powerful and very flexible solution for managing Remote Desktop (RDP), Terminal (SSH, Telnet, etc), VNC and many more connections on Windows and OS X. You can share your configuration in a team without sharing your passwords and no database backend is needed.

RegEx (Regular Expression) online tools

There are many tools to build and test regular expressions. The purpose here is not to draw up a complete list of such tools, but to share the best of the ones I know, ordered by preference (ie completely subjective!)

Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit

The Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit is a NetApp developed set of cmdlets for Windows PowerShell that encapsulate many of the APIs available in the NetApp Manage ONTAP® Software Developer’s Kit. These cmdlets let you tap into the power of NetApp APIs to easily perform a wide variety of NetApp specific tasks from within PowerShell scripts. Over 400 cmdlets are available, covering all aspects of NetApp operation.
Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit Downloads | Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit

AD FS 2.0 Workshop – NLB Setup

This article is part of AD FS 2.0 Workshop – Complete High-availability platform Installation of the Windows Network Load-Balancing feature Since we …

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